Warm welcome from JEflex Co., Ltd.

Our vision is to content the customer and serve them with integrity and fidelity.

-Premium quality hose manufacturer-

Since 1999, we have been devoting ourselves in manufacturing

a wide range of PVC hoses to our customers in the most diverse

industries such as agriculture, irrigation, construction, mining,

petrochemical applications and so on.

By meeting the requirements of various markets in the world,

we serve our customers with being certified with Quality System and Standard.

We have been striving and will always put our full commitment to maximize

our customers’ satisfaction by closely listening to our customers’ needs.

We endeavor to become the most trustworthy supplier with top quality products

by focusing on personalized service and prompt deliveries.

While we focus on our product quality and satisfying customers’ needs,

devoting ourselves to develop is also crucially important to us.

It is our understanding that by keeping pace with technological advance and targeting higher quality standard, achieving it is not a mere and vague goal.


Our services for customers include:

-Full technical support

(identify hose for an application, cross referencing hoses)

-A brand new hose will be provided by adapting JIT (Just In Time)

Manufacture strategy in any length

-Pressure testing on our factory made hose assemblies upon request

-Our Core value in order to achieve our goal-

Our core value is to serve our valuable customers with integrity and make them impressed with us all the time.

We aim to become a key role member in hose industry.

Moreover, our further and ultimate goal is to become more than

just a manufacturer but a leading company with innovative industrial

supply and equipment as well as distributing most demanding products

to the customers in the field of hose industry.

Thank you very much and we look forward to bright future between us.